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Understanding Business Concerns

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2 Ways To Find Water For A Well

A water well pump is necessary for people who live beyond the reach of the municipal water service. Some people also have them dug so that they can have a supplemental source of water for gardens or for livestock. No matter what your reason is, if you need to have a well, you need to have it installed properly. That means hiring a contractor who drills wells. If you are going to have a well dug, it isn't as easy as just having the contractor just pick the place and drill a well. Finding the right place to dig the well can take some work. There are ways that the contractor can find the right place to put your well.

Ground Penetrating Radar

One of the things that the contractor can do is to use a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) machine to see if they can find water. The way that a GPR unit works is that the contractor will have a unit that sends sound waves into the ground. Those waves will bounce off the different formations underground and show the formations on a monitor. The contractor can see what is going on under the ground and may be able to see if there is any water in that particular area, and if there is, about how far down it is. There may be things that will block the radar or make it hard to see, which means they may need to have a specialist look at the results to see what's going on. 

Test Holes

The well contractor may also try drilling some test boreholes. They will drill a hole in places where they think that the water is. The borehole will be a narrow hole that the contractor will drill down to the point where they think water is. The boreholes will let the contractor know for sure if there is water someplace and how far down it is. The depth matters because it will affect what kind of pump goes into the well to get the water out of the well and into your house. 

You need to have some kind of source of water for your house. That's where a well can come into play. If you need a new well or you need to have an existing well checked out, find a well-digging contractor who can help you with your well issues and get you some water.