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Understanding Business Concerns

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3 Ancillary Security Services Worth Checking Out

Most companies don't employ security personnel directly but rather outsource the tasks to companies as needed. Guard patrols aren't the only service a security company may offer. There are several other services that benefit companies throughout the United States. In general, these include: cybersecurity, setting up alarm systems, and background check services. More specifically, these ancillary security services include penetration testing, remote surveillance, and employee verification.

Cybersecurity: Penetration Testing

Data breaches cost companies an average of $4.24 million per incident in 2021. The onslaught of cyberattacks over recent years has increased the need for services such as penetration testing to keep company data secure. Penetration testing involves the cybersecurity expert's attempts to gain access to a company's data. This testing shows the company where weaknesses lie within their computer systems that can potentially be hacked by both internal and external cyber criminals.

Security companies use computers in other ways as well to prevent damage to company property. Remote surveillance, for instance, can trigger alarms that otherwise may go unnoticed.

Alarm Systems: Remote Surveillance

Security companies monitor businesses both onsite and remotely. Remote security surveillance allows businesses to focus on serving their customers while the security company checks for incidents such as breaches in the alarm system by unauthorized personnel, temperature fluctuations in refrigeration, or fire. When an alarm is activated, the security service will notify the company to respond.

Despite nearly 900,000 onsite security guards nationwide, remote surveillance continues to play a large role in how companies choose to keep their businesses safe and secure. Before cybersecurity and remote surveillance, however, comes the first line of defense in any business: hiring trustworthy employees.

Background Checks: Employee Verification

Human resource personnel are responsible for verifying background information included in a potential employee's application. Background checks can take a large portion of the day to complete if a company has several applications to verify which is why many larger companies outsource the duty.

Some security services specialize in conducting background investigations for human resource departments which open up personnel to complete other duties like worker compensation and training. Services included in background checks include verifying references, education, criminal and credit histories.

Other Security Services

Security services is a multi-billion dollar industry, raking in nearly $50 billion in the United States in 2020. As business threats like cyberattacks grow, and the need for providing detailed background checks for human resources departments deepens, more types of ancillary security services will need to be further developed. These include experts in risk assessment, internal investigation, and consultant services.