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Understanding Business Concerns

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3 Signs Your Well Pump Needs Repair Or Replacement

A water well isn't complete without a quality pump. Installing this piece of equipment after digging or drilling your well is vital because it helps pump water from below the ground into various sections of your house. Unfortunately, a well pump can't serve you forever. Typical water well pumps last approximately 8-15 years, depending on the model, type, and maintenance. Besides, these devices are susceptible to numerous problems that lead to breakdowns and complete failure. Some of the signs your water well has a faulty or failing pump are outlined below.

1.       Unusual noises 

If your water well pump produces strange noises, consider getting maintenance or repair services. Repairs and replacements are often necessary when servicing has failed to eradicate the noise emitted by a running water well pump. The main causes of this issue include worn-out or under-lubricated bearings that allow metal-to-metal contact, producing grinding noises. Moreover, broken seals or debris in the machine's impeller may lead to a similar problem. Either way, since many reasons may cause your pump to operate noisily, calling a skilled repair technician is essential in avoiding a misdiagnosis during troubleshooting.

2.       Low-quality water

A faulty or worn-out water well pump is highly likely to distribute low-quality water in your home. Therefore, if your faucets are letting out dirty water, there's more than enough reason to suspect these machines. The same applies when the water coming out of your well suddenly has a peculiar, off-putting smell, color, or taste. Besides, if your technician installed the pumping system at a level that is too close to the well's bottom, it may start to pump sand and sediment. On the other hand, using a water well pump that is too large and overtly powerful may cause this problem. If you are unsure whether it's your pumping system or water well causing low-quality water, find an expert to take out the pump and inspect it first. That way, you quickly determine the source of the problem.

3.       Constant on and off cycles

The minimum rule of thumb for a typical well pump running cycle is a minute on and a minute off. That means it shouldn't constantly run unless it has a significant problem. And that could be coming from well pump leaks or a faulty pressure control switch. Seeking repair services as soon as you notice your pump keeps running ensures the equipment doesn't suffer from premature wear or overheats and damages internal components.

Need a Water Pump Puller?

Water well pumps often break down and demand repairs or replacements. When that happens, pulling out the faulty equipment may be necessary. But sizeable submersible well pumps are not easy to remove or install. That is why you need a water pump puller. This device is quicker to deploy and easier to use than conventional lorry-mounted cranes. Plus, they don't damage landscaping like their bigger and heavier counterparts.