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Understanding Business Concerns

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Why Work With A Custom Gears Manufacturer?

Do you feel limited by stock gears in the market? You may need to look further out and think of custom gears. It is not uncommon to hear an engineer complaining that available stock gears can't achieve the performance they expect. Fortunately, gear machining has become easier and more available thanks to computer-aided designs and tooling. There are several reasons you may decide custom gear manufacturing is a good alternative:

Custom Performance 

Custom gear manufacturing can help overcome the shortcomings of stock gears by tweaking gear properties such as hub shape and size, tooth count, tooth form, pressure angle, pitch, and helix angle. The quality of stock gears is also sometimes doubtful because of the weaknesses in mass production. Custom tooling achieves very high quality because the manufacturer works on individual pieces.

Custom Material 

Stock gear manufacturers have a big focus on the bottom line. They go for affordable metals like cast iron, steel, bronze, and brass. They make plastic gears from widely available nylon and acetal. A custom gear manufacturer can use custom alloys for gears with unique load-bearing capabilities. For example, alloying carbon fiber to plastic makes custom gears of superior strength compared to standard nylon stock gears. 


Several costs count in the final price of a gear. They include design and qualifications costs, individual part tooling, packaging, and shipping. Custom gear manufacturing can realize lower costs by integrating these costs when integrating the tooling on one site instead of separate processes. Lower production costs translate to a lower price for you. 


Gear making is a complex process, especially when the gears are for high-performance engines. The gear manufacturer must be an engineer of superior skill to understand the load demands on the gear. Custom gear manufacturers have perfected their skills in making stock gears before they figured out customization ways. They can study what you want and make improvements based on your expectations. 

Customer Service 

When you buy stock gear, you have little choice but to work with what you have. If the gear does not perform as you expect, you must adjust your engine to accommodate the next gear. 

Working with custom gears is a collaborative learning experience. You sit down with the manufacturer at the design stage and work together up to the final stage. If the gear does not perform as expected, you go back and review it. The final product is excellent and matches your expectations.

Are you looking for superior performance from your custom engine? Talk to a custom gear manufacturer about your expectations.