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Understanding Business Concerns

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Why Is A Circle Such A Good Shape For A Sticker?

You can get custom stickers made in all sorts of shapes, but a round sticker is often one of the best. Circles offer some advantages that other shapes don't, and while no shape is bad for stickers, of course, once you know what a circle can allow you to do, you may find yourself ordering stickers in circle shapes much more often than others.

No Corners to Bend

First, circles obviously have no corners to bend. Think about the square or rectangular stickers you've seen where one corner was slightly bent, making the whole sticker look damaged. That bent corner may not stick as well, or it may be ripped off. You don't have that problem with a circle. You may think oval stickers would be just as good in this case, but oval stickers still have somewhat of a bending issue because the longer ends can be smashed or bent.

Visually Pleasing

Circles are nice and smooth, and a lot of the time they can be visually pleasing when compared to a square or rectangle. The lack of corners and straight edges means there's no impetus for your brain to start looking to see if the sticker is positioned so that the edges are parallel to the edge of the box it's on, for example. Circles flow more, visually speaking, and they can be easier to fill with text, too; you don't have tiny corners left empty.

Possibly Less Expensive

Depending on the manufacturing process, a circle sticker could be less expensive to produce than a square or rectangular sticker. Stickers with corners and points need more precision in the design and cutting stage, and that can translate into higher prices. How much higher really depends on the designers and manufacturers, but it is something to consider if you're on a tight budget.

Interesting Text Orientation

Circles allow you to place text around the perimeter of the circle, often sideways and upside down. The flow around the edge of the circle makes reading that text much easier; it can be more difficult if the sticker has straight edges and corners because your eyes have to adjust to the sudden change in orientation. Text that starts off horizontal and right-side-up and then shifts to a perpendicular plane without a smooth transition may also look like it's not part of the same sentence.

Stickers of all shapes have their uses. But if you want a versatile shape that is nicer to look at, the circle is one of the best and most affordable choices. Contact a company like 24hrStickers to learn more.