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Understanding Business Concerns

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Need to Remove a Lot of Soil? Use Hydro Excavation

If you need to remove a large amount of soil, such as for a construction project, uncovering utility pipes and lines, and more, there are many ways to do this. One way is to use hydro excavation. Below is information about what this is and how it works, as well as the benefits of hiring a hydrovac services company to do this work for you.

1. Understanding Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is removing soil using highly pressurized water. Once the soil is removed it creates a slurry made of dirt. Hydrovac equipment is a vacuum that is used to remove the dirt slurry. This allows the contractor to see much deeper under the dirt. 

First, water wands that produce the high water pressure cut through the existing soil. This will help soften the soil making it easier to remove. A vacuum is used to suck up the dirt slurry into a tank. The tank is generally on a large truck. Once the job is finished, the contractor then places the slurry that was removed back on the ground to fill in the area.  

2. Understanding the Benefits

One of the main benefits of using a hydrovac to remove the soil is the contractor can do this much faster. This will allow you to get your entire project done quicker. There is also less risk to your employees that are using the hydrovac when compared to using other methods. There is also less risk of damaging underground utility pipes and lines. This can save you a lot of money as if you did damage these pipes and lines you may have to pay to have everything repaired. 

Using a hydrovac is also very accurate as the employee can easily direct the water where they need to cut through the soil. If there is something in the way the employee can easily move the wand around it so they can continue doing their work. For example, there may be a pole or other structure in the way. You can also use a hydrovac in the winter months. This is because the contractor can heat the water so it can easily soften the frozen ground. This will allow you to do jobs during the winter instead of waiting until spring when the ground thaws out. 

Contact a company that does hydrovac services in your area and they can explain to you in much more detail how all of this works.