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Understanding Business Concerns

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A Look At Common Types Of Body Precision Measuring Instruments

Across the many industries that make up the modern world, you can find a host of interesting instruments in use that make it possible to take precise, accurate measurements. Body precision measuring instruments can be found in everything from automotive and manufacturing to HVAC and medical industries. The full list of measuring tools used could go on for many pages, but here is a quick look at just a few of the most basic types of precision measuring instruments in use today. 


Micrometers come in several different styles, but one of the most common is a micrometer screw gauge. Micrometer screw gauges are specifically designed to measure how thick or thin a wire or solid sheet is. These body precision measuring devices are capable of yielding highly accurate readings, which can be vital in certain applications. The average micrometer screw gauge offers a frame with some type of sleeve that is fixed in place. You rotate the gauge around a set spindle to reach the proper tension and then examine the measurements given. 

Vernier Calipers 

Vernier calipers are most often used to measure either external or internal dimensions. These calipers can have a lot of different forms, but most have both inward measuring implements in the shape of jaws and outward measurement indicators outside of the implements. The "jaws" of the unit are held in place by a clamp, so the jaws can be adjusted to accommodate various measurements. The measuring jaws are usually mounted to a sliding scale. While vernier scales were once all manual in design and relied upon the accuracy of the person reading the information, many modern vernier scales do have digital displays to help negate variations according to the user. 

Height Gages 

Height gauges are created specifically to get the accurate height of a vertical object. You may have used a height scale at a doctor's office during a checkup, but these units are also heavily relied on in manufacturing and other industries. Most often, height gages have an elongated stationary measuring bar and a sliding mechanism that shifts along the height of the bar. 

Dial Indicators

Dial indicators are broadly used for the measurement of weight, pounds of pressure, and more. You can find dial indicators mounted on everything from fuel tanks to certain types of scales, but they all have the familiar form; a rounded unit with a marked dial like a clock, and an indicator pointer. 

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