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Understanding Business Concerns

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2 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A Self-Storage Unit

Whether you are in the process of moving into a smaller home or just need to move some of your stuff out of your house, you may have decided that you will need to rent a unit at a storage facility. Before you get the unit and start packing your possessions inside the self-storage unit, make sure that you do not make the following mistakes.

1.  Waiting Until the Last Minute to Find One

One mistake that you should avoid when seeking to rent a storage unit is waiting until the last minute to find out. You may feel that you will easily be able to find the size and type of unit you will need on short notice, even waiting until the day before you need to move.

However, depending on the time of year and how many units are needed by others in your area, finding the unit you want may prove to be difficult if you are hoping to obtain it within a day or two. Especially if you only need a smaller unit or a large space, you may find that you are put on a waiting list and need to wait a month or two before you can rent it.

As soon as you know that you need the unit, start calling around even if you will not need it for a few months. You can always put down a deposit and reserve it for the date you need it.

2.  Neglecting to Plan the Storage of Your Items Ahead of Time

Once you have the unit, you may feel that all you have to do is show up with your possessions and start putting them in the unit. However, neglecting to plan ahead would be a mistake and could cost you extra time.

If you do not plan ahead on the placement of the items, you may find that you have to pull them out and rearrange them. Knowing what items will go into the unit first will prevent you from ending up putting breakables on the bottom with only heavier objects like furniture on top.

Avoiding the above mistakes can help ensure that you will not only get the unit that you want, but also be able to move your items in without a lot of chaotic activity. Contact a business that rents self-storage units to find out more about what particular sizes and types of units they offer, as well as any tips for using it once you have it.