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Top Dimension Considerations To Think About When Buying A Chilling Incubator

You might already know that you need to purchase a chilling incubator for your lab or your business, and you might already know about the main features and technology that you need to look for when buying a unit. It is also important to consider the dimensions and sizing when picking out a chilling incubator for many reasons.

Consider Stackable Units

You might actually need to purchase more than one chilling incubator. You may need to keep samples separated, for example, or you might have to maintain incubation units at different temperatures. Stackable units can help you deal with these issues, and you'll be able to cut down on the space that is taken up while keeping all of your incubation units in a convenient place.

Look for Adjustable Shelves

Next, when searching for a chilling incubator, you should look for a unit that has adjustable shelves. Just as adjusting the shelves in your refrigerator at home can help you maximize the amount of space that is available to you and to customize your refrigerator to suit you and your family's needs, you can do these things if you're able to adjust the shelves in your chilling incubators, too. Then, you can add more shelves if you have multiple small samples that you need to store or separate, or you can remove some of the shelves and create bigger areas for larger containers or samples.

Take Measurements in Your Lab or Business

Some labs are very large and leave plenty of room for equipment. Others don't have nearly as much space to work with. If you fall into the latter camp with your lab, then you might be concerned about how much floor space you will have to dedicate to your chilling incubator. Some units are tall but narrow and are designed to put in small corners or other small spaces in a lab. You may want to take measurements of the floor space in your lab where you will be placing the unit. Then, when it's time for you to purchase a chilling incubator, you can look for sizing that is appropriate for the size of your lab.

Of course, you're going to need to keep track of things like temperatures and features when you're looking for a chilling incubator. However, the dimensions and sizing of the unit that you purchase are important things for you to consider, too.