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The Benefits Of Working For A Construction Temp Agency

There are many reasons why individuals with construction skills will benefit by working temporary rather than full time jobs in their field. Many agencies that recruit construction workers for hire on either short or long term projects offer health benefits and other perks that match those offered by traditional full time employers.

There has been a steady societal shift away from full time long term employment with one company and toward a greater focus on work-life balance, with many individuals opting to work multiple temporary or part time jobs instead of one full time job.

Temporary construction jobs fulfill the needs of many types of individuals in a variety of other ways..

Working a temporary construction job between regular employment opportunities

If you've lost a permanent construction job and need income until you find another job in your field, a temp job can keep the bills paid while you submit your resumes and wait for a full time opening with a construction contractor in your field. You can also showcase your abilities to individuals who may have the power to offer you a permanent job.

This is also true if you've moved into an area from another location and you don't have any connections with friends or former coworkers who can help you to get a job with their employer.

Working a temporary construction job allows a newcomer to learn about the construction practices in the area that may differ from those in their hometown. It also allows them to show their skills to prospective employers and to network with local companies. 

Seasonal work

Those engaged in seasonal activities, such as teachers and students, can earn extra money during the summer months working temporary construction jobs. This is mutually beneficial, as both temp agencies and construction companies are often busiest during the more temperate summer weather and slower as school starts and temperatures start to cool.

Semi-retired individuals

There are individuals with years of construction experience who may be restless in retirement and still physically able to use their skills. However, they may not want to resume working full time, or if they are receiving Social Security benefits before their full retirement age, face a penalty if they exceed a certain amount of income each year.

They may also just need to make enough money to pay for their health insurance until they turn 65 years old and are eligible for Medicare.

The young and the restless

As mentioned in the introduction, many younger workers are abandoning the old standard of working for one company for many years or their entire working life. They may want to work at several different construction companies or jump in and out of construction according to the demands of other aspects of their lives.

Their hobbies or avocations may take preference when it is financially feasible to do so, and when their finances demand it, they go back to construction to build another nest egg for hobbies or travel.

Some other individuals just can't be comfortable working at the same location with the same people for any length of time. They need the change of scenery and variety that temporary construction jobs provide.

Temporary agencies pay according to skill and ability, offering competitive pay with a flexibility not found with traditional employers. Although temp agencies don't offer the security of permanent employment, the last economic recession made it clear that job security may be a relic of the past for all workers.

Contact local agencies to find temporary jobs for hire in the construction field.