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Understanding Business Concerns

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Important Body Language Tips To Remember For Your Staffing Agency Interview

Before you get hired for the job you desire, you'll need to have a staffing agency agree to represent you. Achieving this first goal depends on your ability to submit a resume that employers will find desirable, as well as pass an initial interview with a consultant from the agency. Part of preparing for the interview involves keeping a number of tips about your body language in mind — after all, a successful interview is partly about what you say, and partly how you look while saying it. Here are some tips that you'll want to use.

Appear Open Rather Than Closed

Successful body language during an interview makes you seem open and interested, rather than closed and standoffish. You can achieve the openness you desire through a variety of tactics. For example, you'll want to lean toward the staffing agency consultant when he or she speaks; this indicates an interest in what is being said. You should also feel free to nod after key points. For each of these actions, try to be as natural as possible. Being closed includes leaning back and crossing your arms in front of your chest, so seek to avoid these behaviors.

Maintain Eye Contact — But Within Reason

Establishing eye contact when you meet your staffing agency rep and maintaining it is an effective way to show that you're interested in representation. However, you should take care to avoid making it seem as though you're staring obsessively at the other person, as this may make him or her feel uncomfortable. Eye contact when the person is speaking is valuable, but don't feel as though you can't briefly look around the office — as long as you don't appear distracted — and down at your notes on occasion.

Don't Appear Bored

There are a number of ways that your body may indicate boredom during the interview, even if you're not actually bored. One of the easiest ways to convey the feeling of boredom is to yawn. To avoid this, make sure that you get enough sleep the night before the interview and abstain from heavy foods beforehand that may make you lethargic. You should also steer clear of fiddling with jewelry, your tie, your pen, or other things within reach. While some people fiddle with objects when they're nervous, which is understandable, this behavior can also suggest that you're not engaged in the conversation that is taking place.