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Understanding Business Concerns

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Signage Tips For Your Bookstore

If you own a bookstore, you know that you have to compete with online booksellers in terms of pricing. You might have to charge a higher price because you are not operating on such a large scale. Luckily, you can make up for the slightly higher prices with charm and overall aesthetic. One way to increase the appeal of your store is to have great signage. Here are some tips for improving the signage of your bookstore so that you are as successful as possible.

1. Choose a Single Color for Interior Signage That Complements the Color of Your Wall

You are going to need to have a variety of signs throughout your bookstore that tells people about the different sections of books so that they can easily navigate your store. You might want to have a different color of sign for each section. But this is going to be overwhelming. Look at the color of your wall and find a variety of light pastel shades that complement it. This will allow you to ensure that you are still able to use black text, the easiest to read, on these signs. Either go with one of the pastel shades that you found, or simply go with white. Keep it consistent throughout the store, and make sure that it looks good with the color of your wall.

2. Make the Kids' Section Sign Stand Out

The only sign that you want to be a little goofy is the sign for the kids' section. This is important because it will allow kids to easily identify the sign. Use bright colors, a fun yet readable font, and pictures of characters that children are familiar with. This will help them make their way to the children's section without needing any help from you or from their parents.

3. Go With a Serif Font

Finally, your signs should have a serif font, meaning that they have little extra lines on the boundaries of each of the main lines. Using a serif font is a good idea because this is generally considered to be a more literary typeface and will help evoke the idea of books in the minds of people who see the fonts. Choose a font that people are familiar with, such as Times New Roman, in order to increase overall readability. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in custom signs, such as ABC Stamp Signs & Awards. They might have other ideas to help each of your sectional signs look good.