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Understanding Business Concerns

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4 Things To Look For When Choosing A Mini Storage Unit

When it comes time to choose a mini storage location like Airport Road Mini-Storage, you should be prepared with a check list of features to ask about. If you're only looking to store a small amount of material, then you will be able to look into the upscale and modern mini storage units. These are a far cry from the cold, outdoor units with roll down corrugated metal entrances. The new mini storage units are perfect for the person who has a small amount of material to store, and wants a nice, clean, professional environment. Here are 4 things to look for.

Shelving And Racks For Organization

One feature that you want to have is a good shelving and organization system in the storage unit. You should expect more than an empty room. The company should be able to provide, if you wish, some sort of rack or shelving system so that you can better store your boxes and belongings. If there is no shelving system available, then you will just pile all the boxes on the floor. While you might not consider it now, imagine a scenario where you need to open up some of your boxes and search for old paperwork. It will be much easier if there are shelving or even a small table in the unit.

24 Hour Security On Site

It's also important that there be security on site. You don't want people to be able to get into the property and wander around, possibly trying to break into units. There should be a guard posted at the entrance that will only allow people in who have business there (other storage unit renters). Also, the site should have video cameras in the hallways to monitor individual storage units. This is helpful in the event that a unit if broken into and the police need photographic evidence.

Package Acceptance

One cool feature to look for is a package acceptance system. This is great if you can't get packages delivered to your apartment during the day because you are working and no one is home. You can designate the mini storage unit as a package drop off point and the guard can sign for your items.

Climate Controlled Units

If you have any sort of material that needs to be in a climate controlled space (fur coats, wine, electronics, paintings, photos, and other items which need a sensitive temperature) it's very important that you choose one of these units if you are storing such items. Even if the storage unit doesn't get flooded, the interior humidity might be too much and you could end up with ruined material. So, always make sure that there are climate controlled units available.