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Understanding Business Concerns

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Essential Equipment To Rent For Building A Deck

If you're interested in building a deck at the rear of your home, you'll need to do a fair bit of work before you find yourself sipping drinks as you tend the barbecue on a lazy summer afternoon. Building a deck on your own requires not only the right understanding of the project, which you can get through reading books and watching online videos, but also the correct tools. While you may already own a handful of tools that you'll need for this project, such as a tape measure, level, and reciprocating saw, you'll need to gather a handful of other construction tools that you likely don't own. Instead of buying them and letting them gather dust after your deck is built, it's better to rent them. Here are three pieces of equipment that you'll need.

Post Hole Auger

The posts of your deck serve as its foundation, so their installation isn't something on which you want to cut corners. Posts need to be set several feet down into the earth, and the best way to dig your holes properly is with a post hole auger. Your local equipment rental center will likely have a few different types of augers that you can rent. Look for one that is designed to be operated by a pair of people, as two strong users make it easier to control this heavy piece of equipment as it burrows through the earth.

Concrete Mixer

To set your posts securely, you'll need to fill the holes around them with concrete. And, while you can theoretically mix up the dry concrete with water in your wheelbarrow, this approach is more labor intensive than it needs to be. When you rent a small concrete mixer, you can mix up the powder and the liquid and let the mixer turn and do the work for you. This way, the solution will stay at the desired consistency while you work. Small concrete mixers typically have a hitch so they can be pulled behind a vehicle, so you'll need a trailer hitch on your car to get this piece of equipment home.

Air Nailer

While you may want to attach your deck boards with decking screws, using an air nailer to hold them in place before you use the screws will make the job easier. An air nailer uses compressed air to drive small nails where you want them with the gentle pull of a trigger. This piece of equipment will save you the effort of swinging a hammer and also provide more accuracy.

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