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Understanding Business Concerns

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3 Tips for Designing a Functional, Stylish & Comfortable Home Office

Working at bulky desk in an enclosed space while sitting in an uncomfortable chair is not only stressful, but it is also unproductive. Thankfully, a large portion of companies are seeing the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home. While surprising to learn, an estimated 60 percent of companies offer telecommuting. This convenient option is beneficial to employees, but it also increases productive for the company as a whole.

If you will be joining the large group of remote workers, you may be setting up your home office. With these tips, you can design a functional, stylish, and comfortable home office space.

Get Functional Furniture

When choosing the furniture for your home office, focus on function above all else. This is even more important if you have a smaller space to work with, since every piece of furniture will need to serve a purpose.

Your desk should be the main element of your office, since this will be where most of your business occurs. Choose your desk based on your business activities. For instance, if you will spend the majority of the day in front of your computer, make sure your desk allows a space to display your monitor and use your keyboard and mouse in a functional manner.

Most workers will also need to spend the majority of the day sitting down, so pick a great chair for your office. To reduce your risk of back pain and spine disorders, purchase an ergonomic chair that suits your body's needs. Here are a few tips to consider when finding the best ergonomic chair:

  • Height—Try out a few office chairs before purchasing. When sitting in the chair, your feet should be planted flat on the floor and your arms should be even with the table top of your desk.
  • Support—A good quality ergonomic chair should offer lower back support. The support should fill in the curve of your lower lumbar spine, allowing you to sit in a supported, comfortable manner.
  •  Adjustable—Most modern desk chairs have adjustable features, allowing you to customize your chair to your needs. Look for a chair that allows you to adjust the seat height, lumbar support, and height of the arm rests for the ultimate in comfort.

Make Organization a Top Priority

Most home offices do not have a great deal of space for cabinets, shelves, and filing systems, but having an organized office is essential. A clean and organized office Is not only stylish, but it also improves productivity and comfort.

If space is an issue, consider organizing vertically. Invest in floating shelves or build custom shelving units on the walls above your desk. Mount baskets and storage cubes on the walls, as well, to store office supplies, such as staplers, printer paper and ink, and documents that you will need periodically.

To reduce paper clutter, consider scanning documents and filing on a hard drive. This will reduce the amount of files and folders your office requires, but it will also keep your documents or records in a convenient digital folder.

Let There Be Light

If your home office has a few windows, you are in luck. If your home office has windows with a beautiful view, you are one of the fortunate few. Having an attractive view will make your workday a bit more pleasant, but the natural light from the sun offers other benefits, as well.

Natural light is a proven way to make you more energetic. Allowing the sun to come through your windows during your workday will improve productivity and creativity while also giving your mood an overall boost.

From furniture and organization to an increase in natural light, you can design the perfect home office.